Why try speed dating? Why not!

Work takes up most of your day, going to bars & clubs attracts the wrong crowds. Bumping into new & interesting people in other ways is just down to chance, Put life in your own hands - meet outgoing & exciting people who are looking for the same thing you are.

Speed dating is fantastic!

We found each other speed dating!

I myself am an outgoing guy, I have a good
job, I’m attractive with lots of friends and an active social life. Yet I
found it really hard to find anyone I could take on a date, never mind
start a relationship with!

I had tried lots of methods of looking for someone and I had
heard of speed dating, but I thought that it was not for me; I imagined
it would be awkward, or full of strange people, or that I woud be
embarrased! However my friend went and told me how much of a fun evening
she had, so I thought I would give it a go - you only live once!

I was amazed at the experience and just how wrong I was! I
discovered the quality of people there was really high & as you only
talk for 3 minutes, the conversation never runs dry - it then clicked -
this is the sort of thing that people go to

Thank you Kent Speed Date!

Peter and I met at the Canterbury Speed Dating night.  I was a bit skeptical of it, and went mainly to support a friend - a decision I am now very happy I made.

During the evening we both met the other 14 people, but when we had our 3 minutes chatting together, we really hit it off.  We matched each other, and decided to meet soon after for a drink.

From then on we never looked back, we found we had lots in common, but without the speed dating, we'd probably never have had the opportunity to meet.

We got engaged last year, on holiday in Egypt, and planned our wedding over the next year, finally tying the knot in September.  We are both very happy together, and have encouraged all our single friends that Speed Dating is a great way of meeting new people in a great, relaxed setting.

Just moved to town

I moved down to Herne Bay in May after living all my life in London. I went to a Kent Speed Dating night and that’s where I met Carl.

I would really recommend that people try Speed Dating, it’s a great way to meet new people and maybe even a partner.

We have known each other over a year now and have been together 9 months.

I would like to thank Singles Speed Date for getting us together.

In a nutshell...

For just £15, a whole night of fun to enjoy on your own or with your friends & the chance of meeting the partner of your dreams.

It’s a fun experience you will take with you for the rest of your life.

If you want to meet that amazing person, this a fantastic (& fun!) way to do it.

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